Maryam Nawaz Portrait by Rabi Peerzada

Maryam Nawaz Portrait by Rabi Peerzada

Rabi Peerzada is a well known Pakistani celebrity who quit entertainment industry and started calligraphy and learning Islam. She is well known former singer and now calligraphy artist in Pakistan.

She also use her artistic skills in drawing potraits of different persons. After two years of struggle she finally found a buyer for her handmade potrait of PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz.

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Maryam Nawaz Shareef is daughter of Pakistani politician and PML-N leader, Nawaz Shareef. She is currently active in politics and ready to perform well in upcoming elections.

Potrait painting of Maryam Nawaz

Two years back, Rabi Peerzada showed his art skills by drawing handmade potrait of Maryam Nawaz. She took it to Twitter now and one of her follower purchased the painting. The potrait had previously failed to get any attention which also made Ms Peerzada to show her frustation on social media.

Rabi Peerzada took it to Twitter and shared a photo of her standing with potrait of Maryam Nawaz. She captioned that, “Since two years no one bought the painting of Maryam Nawaz while Imran Khan’s sketched get sold right away”.

She also added that, all the sales payment she earn from potraits are used to help poor and deserving people of Pakistan. She asked her followers to buy more potraits to put their part in helping the needy people of Pakistan.

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Rabi Peerzada also thanked the fan who purchased her potrait of Maryam Nawaz. The former singer also thanked her friends, fans and family for supporting in her passion to persue art and calligraphy.

All the potraits of Rabi Peerzada get a lot of praise on social media. Islamic Ayah’s and Almighty’s 99 names she write gets a lot of attention from peop

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