Mahira Khan’s Brave Talk: Dealing with Bipolar Disorder and Finding Hope

mahira khan's brave talk dealing with bipolar disorder and finding hope

mahira khan’s brave talk dealing with bipolar disorder and finding hope

As You know Mahira Khan She is a superstar of pakistani industry. She’s talking about something important now. She told everyone that she has something called bipolar disorder, which is like a mental illness. She said this on a podcast called FWhy.

Mahira felt really sad during the time her movie “Raees” came out. And there was another time when some bad things happened between India and Pakistan. She said a simple picture with another actor made her feel bad too.

She also talked about the 2016 Uri attack, after which Pakistani actors were banned from working in Bollywood. Mahira said, “I had finished the film Raees and everything was going fine and then suddenly this Uri attack happens. Politically everything gets messed.I was not scared, but I was threatened. Constant tweets, in fact, I would get calls, and very scary ones. The only thing I wanted was that ‘Okay fine I can’t go to India to promote it , but I hope it releases in my country.

Mahira said, That backlash brought out the anxiety and depression hidden inside me. That was a hard time for me. I felt attacked. The constant backlash… you are getting mean tweets, comments on their Indian channels.

She talked about how people on the internet said mean things to her, and it made her really worried and unhappy. She even had a moment where she felt so scared that she fainted. This was the first time she went to talk to someone for help.

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Mahira also told that a doctor once told her she has something called manic depression, and she has been taking medicine for it for many years. Sometimes, she tried to stop taking the medicine, but she felt really bad. She also talked about a time when she couldn’t even get out of bed.

She said that having problems with mental health is just like having a problem with your body. And we should treat it seriously and help people who are going through it. Mahira’s story is important because it tells us that even famous people can have hard times, and it’s okay to ask for help when we need it.

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