How to Install Auto GPT ?

How to Install Auto GPT ?

Artificial Intelligence brought a new feature allowing us to train out chatbot according to own requirements and develop apps by using natural languages. Autonomous AI Agent, a new feature to allow tasks completion automatically.

This general Artificial Intelligence Agent is such tool that let the users achieve their goals by allowing the bot to think, plan and execute action autonomously. We no longer need to put different commands and AI can take decisions rationally.

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How to Install Auto GPT

The best thing is that users don’t need a powerful computer to install and use Auto-GPT, it can be easily used on normal computer without any heavy lifting.

To make Auto-GPT work faster, users must have access of GPT-4 as it is much better at thinking and generating conclusions. However, it can also be used with regular OpenAI with GPT-3.5 model.

Unlike the free version of ChatGPT, Auto-GPT can use internet and find the latest date on any subject. To officialy install Auto-GPT in your devices, some steps are important.

Install Python and Pip

First, users need to go for latest version of Python and install it in the devices. Add Python.exe on your device before installing Python and then install it. The in-depth tutorial of installing Python is available in installation pack.

Test Python’s Installations

Open and run the installation before using Auto-Chatbot. Linux and macOS users should use python3 and pip3 for best experience of Auto-GPT.

Download Auto-GPT

Go for the latest update on official website of AI chatGPT and click on source code (zip) to download the Zip file of Auto-GPT. Now double click the extract Zip file and copy the Auto-GPT folder.

Simply paste the folder to desire location and open the folder to complete its installation. It will ask the API key which users can get through Open AI website. Copy the key and paste it to prompt box of application.

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After adding the API keys, users can run Auto-GPT on their devices and can use it to complete any kind of tasks easily.

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