Death Record due to Terrorism Increased

Death Record due to Terrorism Increased

Pakistan is facing severe increase in terrorism wave in 2023. There were a lot of attacks on mosques, police stations and important places. According to report released by Centre for Research and Security there has been continous increase in deaths due to terrorism.

In the first period of 2023, almost 854 people have been killed or badly injured in different terror activities in Pakistan. Total number of deaths are 358 and 496 are injured from January to March 2023. The number is almost half of total death in 2022.

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Global Terrorism Index

Institute for Economics and Peace Sydney repeased Global Terrorism Index 2023 which highlighted Pakistan and Afghanistan as the top countries affected by terrorism in 2022.

Death rate by Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan also doubled while rise in attacks by Balochistan Liberation Army (LBA).

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Balochistan Liberation Army is an ethno-nationalist organization resulted in political conflicts in the province. It is about Ethnic minority fighting for their own survival against attitude of authorities.

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