GTA 6 on May 17

GTA 6 on May 17

Rockstar games announced the yearly summer update of GTA 6 which will be coming out on May 17, 2023. According to the reports game is under development and the Trilogy of old GTA games and latest release will be coming out as a newer version.

Rockstar Games Hip Hop Gamer recently tweeted with a photo The Take Two CEO sentences Struass Zelnick. He said that GTA 6 will be a forever moment to remember by gamers.

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Another inside report said that, “Yearly summer update for GTA Online might include teasers about the eventual GTA 6”. GTA 6 is coming after 10 years of GTA 5 and gamers are waiting for a new game from a long time.

GTA 5 immersive atmosphere

GTA 5 has immersive atmosphere and glorious sunsets over Los Santos and now gamers are all excited for updates in Grand Theft Auto 6. However, Rockstar games has not confirmed any forthcoming updates about online version of game.

The rumors have generated considerable excitement among the gaming community and timing seems perfect for official announcement of Grand Theft Auto 6.

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Until the announcement of official date, we are expecting the game to come in 2023-2024 till then rumors and announcements will make the gamers more excited. Time will tell if an official trailer is in our new future or not.

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