EU to buy Firefighting planes

EU to buy Firefighting planes

The European Union wants to sign contract for 12 firefighting aircraft planes, the first it would fully own, to improve its ability to fight blazes fueled by climate change, the head of crisis management said.

The European Union also doubled its aircraft in the past year, after experiencing fires last summer in southern Europe exhausted its previous 13-year capacity.

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The risk of severe blazes is also high due to change in climate, the European Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarcic said, that Brussels wanted contracts signed this year to buy 12 EU-owned craft.

He added, “We could have the first planes delivered two years later. And the whole fleet would be there by the end of the decade”.

Re-launch of Canadair

The Canadian manufacturer has also agreed to re-launch production of ‘Canadair’ aircraft, if the European Union orders are placed. The six members state would sign the contract with aircraft manufacturers.

Europe is currently experiencing another extreme weather conditions, wildfire in Greece also killed three people and thousands of tourists evacuated fron the place.

The European countries are also responsible for wildfires and they should request help when they need back-up. The European countries can also offer help to non-European states in the case of emergency.

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The climate change-fueled impacts in Europe are now costing tens of billions of euros per year, this cost would spiral if countries do not urgently reduce the burning of fossil fuels and the CO2 emissions.

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