Elon Musk’s Unusual Request to Taylor Swift’s Music on X Amid Controversy

elon musk's unusual request to taylor swift's music on x amid controversy

elon musk’s unusual request to taylor swift’s music on x amid controversy

Elon Musk who is the famous entrepreneur and owner of the X platform and also who stays in news for his actions and tweets, recently made a surprising request to Taylor Swift. Teylor Swift who is one of the world’s most beloved singer recently had shared a tweet asking her fans to solve puzzles to discover the titles of the unreleased songs from her upcoming re-released album, “1989 Taylor’s Version”

When Taylor Swift revealed her music, ElonMusk responded that she should consider posting her music, concert videos and images directly on the X platform. This seemed like his attempt to gain some attention for his platform. Which especially caused some issues since X had been facing a series of controversies and business problems.

Teylor Swift’s fans, who are also known as Swifties, had mixed reactions to Musk’s request. One Swiftie humorously commented, “Not Elon needing Swifties for ad revenue.” Another fan simply said, “No one asked, babe.” And someone took a playful jab at Musk, saying, “She’s so powerful she has a literal billionaire looking for clout from her.”

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Between this online exchange, Taylor Swift went ahead and revealed the complete tracklist and the titles of the bonus songs from her album, which is scheduled to be released on October 27.

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Musk’s request may cause some controversies; it’s clear that Taylor Swift’s music remains highly anticipated by her fans. Her ability to engage with her audience and create buzz around her work  is proof that she is a powerful and talented Music icon and has great  influence in the music industry. As for X, it seems like the platform’s owner is eager to get some star power on board to boost its image, even if it means reaching out to one of the biggest Music  names in music.

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