Dense Fog Disrupts Flights at Lahore Airport

dense fog disrupts flights at lahore airport

dense fog disrupts flights at lahore airport

Recent days have seen a significant challenge for air travelers at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport, as dense fog has wreaked havoc on flight schedules.  more than 16 flights endured prolonged delays, and the smog effect resulted in the cancellation of six flights to and from Lahore.

The primary culprit behind this disruption is the thick fog, severely limiting visibility on the airport’s runway. The recorded visibility stands at a mere 350 meters, making it difficult for pilots to operate safely. As a consequence, both domestic and international flights have faced setbacks, with several cancellations and extended delays.

Delayed Flights

Notable cancellations include Saudi Air flights SV-734 from Jeddah to Lahore and SV-735 from Lahore to Jeddah. Additionally, international flights DV-849 from Almaty to Lahore, OD-131 from Kuala Lumpur to Lahore, UL-185 from Colombo, and VL-186 from Lahore to Colombo have also been called off.

Among the impacted flights, a Serene Air flight from Jeddah faced a staggering 30-hour delay, finally arriving in Lahore today instead of the scheduled Wednesday afternoon. Similarly, the Lahore-bound Airblue flight from Abu Dhabi managed to land at Lahore airport after an 11-hour delay.

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The adverse weather conditions have also affected the national carrier, PIA, with a flight from Karachi expected to reach Lahore with an hour’s delay, contributing to the overall chaos.

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While some flights are gradually resuming with delays ranging from a few hours to double-digit figures, passengers are urged to stay informed about their flight status and be prepared for potential disruptions as the airport authorities work to manage the impact of the dense fog on operations.

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