PIA Implements New Rules After Crew Members Go Missing in Canada

pia implements new rules after crew members go missing in canada

pia implements new rules after crew members go missing in canada

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has recently implemented Strict Guidelines for its flight attendants particularly those Serving on international Flights to Canada and other Countries. The move comes in Response to a Series of incidents where both male and female flight attendants have gone Missing upon arrival in Canada.

One of the major changes introduced by PIA is the imposition of an age limit for international flight attendants, specifically those aged above 50 years. This new requirement is aimed at addressing the issue of attendants Slipping away in Foreign Countries Particularly in Canada.

The Decision was Prompted by a Recent incident where two PIA flight attendants, Khalid Afridi and Fida Shah went Missing in Canada after arriving on a flight from Islamabad to Toronto. The flight, PK-772, proceeded to return to Pakistan without the two crew members who failed to report for duty in Toronto.

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PIA’s Spokesperson Stated that the local authorities in Canada have been informed of the Situation and a thorough investigation is Underway. Strict action is expected to be taken against the missing crew members once the investigation is completed.

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This Development sheds light on a Broader Challenge faced by PIA as dozens of air Hostesses and male Cabin crew members have reportedly Slipped away while abroad. The Airline’s Response involves not only investigating Specific cases but also implementing Preventative measures such as the age limit for international flight attendants, to ensure the Safety and accountability of its Crew members.

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