Deadly Attacks Rock Central Nigeria Leaving 113 Dead in Wake of Bandit Violence

deadly attacks rock central nigeria leaving 113 dead in wake of bandit violence

deadly attacks rock central nigeria leaving 113 dead in wake of bandit violence

In a Horrifying Series of Events Central Nigeria has witnessed a Surge in Violence with a Death toll Rising to at least 113, according to local Government Officials. The Attacks attributed to Military Gangs known as Bandits Displayed a High level of Coordination and Targeted over 20 different Communities.

Monday Kassah the head of the local Government in Bokkos, Plateau State Confirmed the Devastating toll and Reported that more than 300 individuals Sustained injuries. These Wounded Victims were Urgently transported to Hospitals in Bokkos, Jos and Barkin Ladi Highlighting the Extensive impact of the Assaults.
The Attacks initially Began in the Bokkos area but Spilled over into the Neighboring Barkin Ladi where an additional 30 lives were Lost. The Region has been grappling with Long-standing Religious and ethnic Tensions Contributing to the Complexity of the Security Situation.

State Governor Caleb Mutfwang condemned the Brutality Denouncing the attacks as Barbaric, Brutal and Unjustified. In response, Gyang Bere the Governor’s Spokesperson assured that Proactive measures would be taken to address the Ongoing assaults on innocent Civilians.

Despite Official Condemnation reports indicated that Gunfire Persisted into the late afternoon on Sunday underscoring the Challenges in bringing the Situation under Control.

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Amnesty International Criticized the Nigerian authorities, Citing their failure to address the Frequent deadly Attacks on rural Communities in Plateau state. The Organization Stated that these incidents were indicative of a Broader Pattern of insecurity and Violence in the Region.

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Northwest and Central Nigeria have Long been Plagued by the activities of Bandit Militias Operating from Remote forest bases. These armed Groups engage in looting, Kidnapping and other forms of Violence causing Significant distress and fear among local Populations. The Recent Attacks Underscore the Urgent need for Comprehensive Strategies to address the Root Causes of insecurity and Protect Vulnerable Communities in the Region.

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