FIA Reopens Investigation into Greece Shipwreck Tragedy

fia reopens investigation into greece shipwreck tragedy

fia reopens investigation into greece shipwreck tragedy

In a Significant development the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has reopened an investigation into the Tragic Greece Shipwreck incident that Claimed over 100 Lives including approximately 350 Pakistanis. The incident Occurred in June when an Italy-Bound Fishing Trawler carrying around 800 People, Capsized off Greece.

Prompted by this Tragedy the Government initiated a Nationwide Crackdown against Human Traffickers leading to the apprehension of Several individuals involved in Sending Pakistanis to Europe through Unauthorized means.

The FIA has now decided to focus its investigation on the departure of 155 Pakistanis from Karachi Airport. The Director General of FIA directed the Director Cybercrime South to lead the investigation. The new investigating officer (IO) has Sought Old reports and records from 12 Officers involved in the Previous investigation.

During the inquiry Officers from Various Airports were Questioned about the Clearance of immigrants’ Names. The Previous investigation report had held some officers responsible for not preventing the immigrants from traveling from Karachi to Libya.

On June 2, 2023, 286 immigrants left from different Pakistani Airports. The tragic Shipwreck involved at least 350 Pakistanis, 200 Egyptians and 150 Syrians including women and Young children. Survivors shared this initial information.

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In a Breakthrough Earlier in December, the FIA Claimed to have arrested the main Suspect Atiq Butt in Connection with the Greece shipwreck incident. Atiq Butt is identified as a Key Operative of a Human trafficking Gang in Pakistan. The investigation Revealed that a Substantial amount of Rs 6.7 million Related to Human trafficking was transferred to Atiq’s Bank account.

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As the FIA Reopens the investigation, it aims to Delve Deeper into the Circumstances Surrounding the Tragic incident, Holding those accountable for their Roles in the Human trafficking network Responsible for the Greece Shipwreck.

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