China and Pakistan Strengthen Economic Ties for Mutual Growth

china and pakistan strengthen economic ties for mutual growth

china and pakistan strengthen economic ties for mutual growth

China and Pakistan are Working together to Strengthen their Economic ties and Explore Opportunities for trade Commerce and investment. The Minister for Commerce and Industry, Dr. Gohar Ejaz recently met with Chinese Vice Minister Li Fei to Discuss the Second Phase of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) a Significant Project that aims to Enhance Connectivity and Cooperation between the two Nations.

During the Meeting both ministers expressed their Commitment to Boost Bilateral Trade and investment. They Specifically discussed the implementation of CPEC and reviewed the China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement (FTA). The Goal is to Enhance Economic Collaboration by Considering the Outcomes of a joint Study Conducted by the Commerce Ministries of both Countries.

Dr. Gohar Ejaz Highlighted the Pakistani Government’s Policies to facilitate Foreign direct investment and Emphasized the Role of the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) as a ‘Single Window’ interface for Potential investors. This approach aims to Streamline Processes and Promote a Unified Strategy to attract investments in Pakistan.

As part of the efforts to Strengthen trade and Commercial ties, Dr. Gohar Ejaz also engaged in Productive meetings with Business executives from leading State-Owned Enterprises and Private Companies in China. This Visit involving a Business Delegation representing Various Sectors such as textiles, Food, agriculture, Chemicals, fertilizers and technology Builds on the momentum from Prime Minister Kakar’s previous visit in October.

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The Collaboration between China and Pakistan in Economic matters is not only Crucial for the Success of CPEC but also Holds the Potential for Mutual Growth and Prosperity.

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The Nations are actively Working towards Creating an environment that fosters increased Trade, investment,and Cooperation in various Sectors. The discussions and agreements reached during these Meetings Pave the way for a Stronger economic Partnership between China and Pakistan.

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