Pakistan and China Enhance Maritime Cooperation in 4th Round of Dialogue

pakistan and china enhance maritime cooperation in 4th round of dialogue

pakistan and china enhance maritime cooperation in 4th round of dialogue

In a bid to Strengthen their Maritime ties, Pakistan and China Convened the 4th round of maritime dialogue in Islamabad. The session co-chaired by Mohammad Aamir Khan, Director General (China) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, and Wang Jinfeng, Deputy Director General of the Department of Boundary and Ocean Affairs of Chinese MFA, delved into Various aspects of Bilateral maritime Cooperation.

The Dialogue Encompassed a Comprehensive review of naval Exchanges Regional Collaboration Maritime infrastructure Development joint efforts in fisheries, Advancements in Science and technology, Search and Rescue missions maritime disaster management and Combatting maritime Pollution. Both Sides expressed Contentment with the Enduring Friendship and the All-weather Strategic Cooperative Partnership between Pakistan and China.

The Officials acknowledged the Evolving Dynamics in the Regional and Global Maritime Landscape and Affirmed that their Collaborative efforts aligned with a Shared Vision for a Peaceful and Prosperous Asia-Pacific Region. Emphasizing the importance of Practical Cooperation to address emerging Threats and Challenges the two Nations Pledged to Sustain the Momentum of Bilateral exchanges and Promote ties between their Respective Navies.

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Deputy Director General Wang Jinfeng also met with Imran Ahmed Siddiqui, Additional Secretary (Asia-Pacific) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during the visit. The Dialogue Concluded with Gratitude from the Chinese delegation for Pakistan’s Hospitality and both sides agreed to hold the 5th round of Maritime Dialogue in China next year.

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This Ongoing Collaboration Underscores the Commitment of Pakistan and China to mutual Progress and the Pursuit of shared Objectives in the maritime Domain. The Continued Expansion of Maritime Cooperation Reflects the Strength and Resilience of the Strategic Partnership between the two Nations.

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