Saudi Arabia Urged to Employ More Pakistanis to Strengthen Bilateral Ties

saudi arabia urged to employ more pakistanis to strengthen bilateral ties

saudi arabia urged to employ more pakistanis to strengthen bilateral ties

In a Significant Diplomatic move Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis Jawad Sohrab Malik met with the Chairman of Al-Rashid Group in Saudi Arabia Rashid Saad Al-Rashid. The Meeting aimed to Enhance Cooperation and Explore Opportunities for further Collaboration between the two Countries.

Al-Rashid Group a major Saudi Conglomerate involved in Various mega Projects warmly welcomed the Pakistani Delegation emphasizing the Positive History of Working with Pakistani Companies and Workers. The Group has been instrumental in Hiring a Considerable Number of Pakistani Workers for its Ongoing Projects.

During the meeting Jawad Sohrab Malik expressed Gratitude for the Chairman’s Commitment to Hiring Pakistani Workers and urged the Al-Rashid Group to Consider employing even more Pakistanis for their future Ventures. He assured full Cooperation from Pakistan in the Recruitment Process.

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The Chairman Rashid Saad Al-Rashid acknowledged the valuable Contributions of Pakistani Companies and Workers to their Projects. He Expressed a Commitment to Continuing the trend of Hiring Pakistani Workers and Showed Openness to Exploring New areas of Cooperation with Pakistan.

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The Dialogue shows the importance of Strengthening labor ties between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan Fostering Mutual Cooperation and Creating Opportunities for Pakistani Workers in Saudi mega Projects. The Commitment from Al-Rashid Group to consider further Recruitment from Pakistan reflects a Positive step towards enhancing Bilateral Relations and Economic Collaboration. The Meeting Sets the Stage for increased Engagement and Mutual Benefits between the two Nations.

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