ECP Extends Visa Application Date for Foreign Election Observers

ecp extends visa application date for foreign election observers

ecp extends visa application date for foreign election observers

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has granted an extension for the Visa application Deadline for Foreign Election Observers according to Sources 

The ECP sent a Letter to the Foreign Ministry, Specifying that the Visa application Date has been Extended for 15 days from December 15 to December 31. This Decision aims to Facilitate the Participation of international Observers in the Upcoming Elections.

The Extension comes after the ECP issued invitations to Foreign Election Observers on October 25. The ECP has Adopted an open door Policy, Welcoming Both Domestic and international Observers to ensure transparency in the Upcoming General Elections.

Foreign observers are Required to Obtain accreditation with the Election Commission upon their arrival in Pakistan. They can Submit their Particulars through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Pakistan Online Portal to Obtain a Visa. It is important to Note that accreditation Forms will not be issued to individuals with Political Affiliations and Security Clearance is mandatory for Foreign Election Observers.

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The General Elections are Scheduled to take Place on February 8, 2024 as per the Supreme Court’s Order. The ECP aims to Uphold transparency in the Electoral Process and has Extended the Visa application Period to accommodate international Observers who Play a Crucial Role in monitoring the fairness and integrity of the Elections.

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This extension emphasizes the ECP’ Commitment to a transparent and Credible Electoral Process ensuring that international Observers have Sufficient time to Complete the Necessary Procedures for their Participation. The Participation of Foreign Election Observers is Vital for Bolstering the Credibility of the Electoral Process and Fostering trust in the Democratic Procedures of Pakistan.

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