6 Ways To Enjoy Monsoon Season

6 Ways To Enjoy Monsoon Season

Since Monsoon is all around us, we think it is the perfect time to fetch ideas about how to make the most of this season.

Here’s a list of your to-do things to make the most of this season.

Monsoon-friendly clothes and shoes

While monsoon season is a time to appreciate, it’s also a good time to store away those gorgeous whites and pastels. Wear vibrant colors to make yourself feel better. 

Select a quick-drying fabric, such as synthetic, lycra-mixed cotton, nylon, or polyester. 

Do not wear palazzos, Patiala shalwars, or skirts. Remain in churidars or leggings. Kurtis with a loose fit can also be worn with jeans. The ideal monsoon outfit consists of shorts and Crocs. 

Simple pleasures like these are ingrained in our recollections of childhood. Take a brief break from your busy schedules and allow the rain to bring out your inner child. 

Flaunt pretty umbrellas 

The days of those dull, black umbrellas are long gone. Umbrellas have become a popular fashion item. A gorgeous umbrella will break up the monotony of the dreary grey weather, regardless matter whether it is a large rainbow umbrella or the classic clear one. 

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Long Drive

Take your loved one for a long drive to add some romance to this monsoon season. Such dates are best during monsoons. What could be better for a single person than a long trip with their closest friends? You must take advantage of the monsoon no matter what you do or who you go with. 

Chocolate Brownie

It is the ideal opportunity to jump on a hot chocolate brownie if you chance to have a sweet tooth. Yes, the combination of rain and a chocolate brownie is wonderful. What more could you possibly want than to hear it raining? A bowl of hot chocolate brownies and the scent of the beach? None, am I correct? One of the finest ways to enjoy the rain is to head to your favourite cafe, grab your favourite book, and order something delicious. 


I’m sure the majority of you tea enthusiasts were anticipating this. The deadly combo of tea and rain was built in heaven. For those who already can’t get enough tea (literally), monsoon season is the greatest time to savour each drink. Perhaps the best therapy you can give yourself is gossiping over tea with your favourite person. 

Ferry Ride 

If you chance to reside near the coast, you may be able to convince them to go on a ferry voyage with you. The best time to enjoy both nature’s and the rainy seasons’ splendour is during the monsoon. 

You can still get around the city if taking a long journey or travelling outside of it is not an option. You wouldn’t even get bored, I assure you! No matter how often you may have visited such locations, they have a different vibe when it is raining.

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