2024 Pakistan General Elections: ECP’s Scrutiny and Rule Changes for a Transparent Process

2024 pakistan general elections

2024 pakistan general elections

In Preparation for the Upcoming 2024 General Elections the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is planning to carefully review the service Records of election officers. This information comes from Sources within the ECP Highlighting their Commitment to ensuring Capable individuals are Selected for key Roles.

The ECP aims to Deploy Officers with a Positive Reputation as Returning Officers (ROs) and District Returning Officers (DROs) following a thorough Examination of their Service records. To enhance transparency the ECP has Changed the Rules for appointing ROs and DROs, now Requiring the Submission of service Records for administrative Officers Shortlisted for Election duties.

Under the new guidelines Grade 18 Officers or above will be Designated as DROs, Provided they retire one year before taking on the role. Similarly Grade 17 officers will serve as ROs with the same retirement Criteria as DROs. Grade 16 Officers will be appointed as Assistant returning officers (AROs), Requiring their Retirement at least one year before their Deputation.

To further improve the Election Process the ECP Plans to Station an assistant Presiding officer (APO) at every booth in all Polling Stations. Officers with a minimum of six months of Service experience will be appointed as APOs during the General elections in 2024.

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The ECP’s meticulous Scrutiny of Service Records aims to ensure the Deployment of Capable officers in key Roles, thereby fostering a transparent and efficient electoral process. Notably, the ECP formally announced the general elections on February 8, 2024, in accordance with a Supreme Court order.

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This proactive approach by the ECP reflects a commitment to conducting fair and credible elections in Pakistan.

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