10 odd career options that pays well

10 odd career options that pays well

From fresh college graduates to highly skilled professionals, we all seek job changes at one point in time. However, instead of going for conventional career opportunities, have you ever considered doing something fun and exciting, that actually pays well. A majority of us get engrossed in a typical nine-to-five job without considering the fun dream jobs we imagined doing when studying in middle or high school. 

However, we must consider how such unconventional jobs can help in keeping our mental well-being in place while providing a substantial amount of money in correspondence with the job we do. 

From a voice-over artist to a wine taster, here is a list of 10 odd jobs that one can do that actually pays well to manage a decent living in current critical circumstances:

  1. Voice-over Artist

 If you have a good voice and can make funny or weird sounds, you can get a job as a voice-over artist and work for advertisements, cartoons, films, televisions and radio among other platforms. You can easily make $66,000 per year on average annually. 

2. Art therapist

An art therapist primarily combines therapy using creative form of art. The job is aimed at easing the stress and tensions of the patients in order to improve their self-esteem and overall mental health. However, it requires training in art as well as education in psychology and counselling. An art therapist can earn an average salary of over $50,000 per year

3. Ethical Hacker

With cyber expertise and efficient hacking skills, one can become a professional/ethical hacker to earn good amount of money. Use your knowledge of cracking codes to help companies or the government to identifying security glitches in their systems. You may require a degree in IT or Computer Science to work as a professional hacker. The job easily pays about $40,000 annually. 

4. Wine Taster

If you have taste buds to investigate the various ingredients of a drink or dish, you have the potential to become a professional Wine Taster. As a wine taster, you should be able to tell the different palettes of wine, its history, and other features. Gaining good experience in wine tasting can help you in participating at international forums and conference to impart your knowledge. 

5. Personal Shopper

For someone who loves to shop and lives fashion, this is the perfect job. You can easily make good money by offering fashion advice to those in need. While a professional degree is not required for the job as a personal shopper, it is advantageous to have a qualification in Fashion or Styling. As a personal shopper, you will be helping clients in shopping for the clothes according to their inclination, body type and preferences.

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6. Freelance Ghostwriter

An online ghostwriter writes on behalf of other people. These people have the skills to provide perfect content for their clients without any hassle. Furthermore, freelancing provides the leverage to work from anywhere in the world. You can directly work for any client from any part of the world to earn a national average salary of over $40,000 per year.

7. Bingo or casino manager

A bingo manager handles the operations in a casino. Interestingly, the job does not require a professional degree, but substantial experience adds value to the profession. As a bingo manager, you would be required to ensure that the casino is complying with federal gaming regulations, handle customer complaints, and oversee other functions. It pays an average salary of $40,000 every year.

8. Toy designer

As the name suggests, a toy designer designs toys which are both fun and safe for children of all ages to use. A toy designer has the artistic skills to create interesting and durable toys that kids will love. a toy designer may require a degree in arts or designing as per the industry. However, with the right skills and capabilities, the sky is the limit.

9. Waterslide tester

The job involves the person to test water slides in theme parts and luxury pools for safety, quality and speed among other factors. With exciting experience in travelling and testing new waterslides, the professional may get even better pay depending upon the clients.

10. Luxury house sitter

As a luxury house sitter, you will be required to take care of luxury houses when their owners are out of town on vacations or for work. This is a highly-paid job depending on the clients for only lazying around and taking care of the basic necessities in the house till the owners return.

Significantly, these are just the 10 odd jobs that pay well among several of them in the regional and international market. If you yearn to get paid well while doing something fun and interesting, you must apply for one of these jobs as soon as possible. In the mean time, let us know about more odd jobs that pay well in the comments section.

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