Top 5 essential oils for hair growth that you must include in your regime

Top 5 essential oils for hair growth that you must include in your regime

Pollution and changing weather climate can significantly impact hair texture and growth. We take various measures to prevent the hair from becoming dry, frizzy, thin and itchy in the middle of such changes. After all, we all want our hair to grow stronger and healthier. However, to achieve this, it is important to follow a proper hair care regime for strong and healthy hair. As per exports, oiling is an important part of that hair care routine. There are several essential oils for hair growth, hydration and protection. 

Regular oiling can have several benefits for your hair. There are a variety of essential oils available in the market that can provide the necessary treatment and growth to your hair. 

These are the top 5 essential oils for hair growth and better health. 

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1. Chamomile oil

This yellow-colour oil has several anti-inflammatory properties for a soothing effect on your scalp. Use a few drops of chamomile oil to treat flaky and itchy scalp for instant relief. It will also protect the hair from pollution and similar weather conditions. 

2. Lemon oil

If you have an oily scalp, the lemon essential oil will rescue you. With its clarifying and drying properties, lemon essential oil is one of the best remedies for scalp dandruff and acne. It is extracted from lemon rind to provide antimicrobial and antiseptic benefits to the hair as well as the scalp. 

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3. Lavender essential Oil

Extracted from Lavandula angustifolia flowers, the lavender essential oil can be used for any hair type. It is a mild essential oil for hair growth as it improves the circulation of blood in the scalp. Furthermore, it moisturises the scalp by balancing the production of sebum. As per reports, the lavender essential oil also helps in relieving stress. With its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, it keeps the scalp dandruff free and prevents fungal infection. 

4. Tea Tree Oil

One of the most popular essential oils for hair growth, tea tree oil has multiple uses for hair. From shooting the itchy and dry scalp to treating dandruff, tea tree oil is widely used by people of all ages. Massaging your hair with a few drops of tea tree oil before washing on a regular basis will transform your hair. You can also add it to two tablespoons of coconut oil or almond oil for more effective results. 

5. Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme oil rejuvenates hair follicles to promote hair growth. Furthermore, it helps in regulating blood circulation in the scalp. Experts advise using it in moderation to get the most benefits of its antimicrobial properties for healthy scalp treatment. Thyme essential oil is one of the advantageous essential oil for healthy and lustrous hair.

These are just 5 of the many essential oils for hair growth. Use these oils as per your hair needs on a regular basis to see the results. Let us know if which one is your favourite essential oils for hair growth and shine.

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