Snooker champion appeals to grant cash rewards

Snooker champion appeals to grant cash rewards

Snooker champion appeals to grant cash rewards

Muhammad Asif, Snooker champion, appeals to grant cash rewards to Dr. Fehmida Mirza, Federal Minister of Interprovincial Coordination for the recent allocation of a cash prize for the medal winners at last year’s South Asian Games.

Dr Fehmida Mirza recently presented cash awards to Southern Asian Games medal winners in 2019, which is a positive move forward. It is important to honor all players who have played for this country. Therefore, last year’s world snooker title should also be awarded to me, “Asif, who was born in Faisalabad, said on Thursday in the video message.

Twice the world title was won by Asif. First won in 2012, the Englishman Gary Wilson was defeated in Sofia’s final. And Jefrey Roda from the Philippines overwhelmed Antalya for the second time in November 2019 when he wanted to bag the crown.

“After I won the world title 2019, I met the IPC Minister. However, it’s been six months and I haven’t yet obtained a cash prize, “Asif regretted.

Asif also said that after winning the title he attempted to meet Prime Minister Imran Khan, but he could not.   Pakistan Sports Board spokesperson (PSB) said that the cash awards were awarded to the winners of the 2019 South Asian Games Medal under an accepted policy, while the sport of Asif – the snooker – did not come under that policy.

The PSB spokesman announced that a separate procedure for the approval of Asif’s cash prize was in effect. However, when the procedure is accepted, the speaker was not ready to confirm.

Furthermore, when the President of the Pakistan Snooker Association Alamgir Anwer Sheikh was contacted, the policy of awarding snookers was created, noting that Asif was awarded the World Title in 2012 and the respective Governments of the time were awarded another Title in 2017.

Although snooker was not a sport for Olympia, Alamgir said that Pakistan had strong talent and a world-dominant past, thus establishing a special policy for the well-being and development of the game.

In reality, he added, the country’s sports activities have been steadily decreasing and the government has had to invest heavily in sports in order to provide young athletes who could demonstrate their talents internationally.

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