Senate Acknowledges Global Support in Wake of Devastating Floods

senate acknowledges global support in wake of devastating floods

senate acknowledges global support in wake of devastating floods

The Senate of Pakistan has expressed gratitude for the global assistance provided during last year’s devastating floods, passing a unanimous resolution moved by Senator Sania Nishtar. The resolution commended the international humanitarian aid extended to Pakistan during the floods and recognized World Humanitarian Day on August 19th. The Senate Honored the Selfless efforts of Humanitarian Workers Worldwide and Paid Tribute to those who have Lost their Lives in the line of Duty.

In Particular the Resolution acknowledged the Support Pakistan Received from the Global Community During the Devastating Floods. The Senate Called on the Government to Enhance its Backing for Humanitarian Efforts both Domestically and internationally utilizing Diplomatic ,Financial and Logistical means in Collaboration with other Governments and Multilateral Organizations. Additionally the Senate Urged all Governments including Pakistan’s, to take measures to improve the Security of Humanitarian Workers.

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Another resolution moved by Senator Muhammad Talha Mehmood was also adopted by the Senate expressing deep concern over the situation in the areas of Dasu and Diamer Bhasha dams. The Resolution Recommended the Recruitment of locals in these Projects according to the allocated Quota and urged the Government to Utilize the allocated Funds for Constructing Roads, Schools and other Facilities in the affected areas in Consultation with local elders of Kohistan on a merit basis.

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The Senate’s Resolutions Reflect the Nation’s appreciation for international Solidarity during times of Crisis and Emphasize the importance of Continued support for Humanitarian efforts both within Pakistan and Globally.

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