Russia Concludes Presidential Candidate Registration with Putin and Allies, Excludes Anti-War Contender

russia concludes presidential candidate registration with putin and allies, excludes anti war contender

russia concludes presidential candidate registration with putin and allies, excludes anti war contender

As the deadline for Candidate Registration for Russia’s upcoming March Presidential Election Closes, President Vladimir Putin along with three pro-Kremlin Politicians have been Officially Registered, according to a Report by TASS on Sunday. Notably absent from the list is Boris Nadezhdin an anti-war Candidate who was Disqualified by the Central Election Commission (CEC) due to Purported irregularities in the Collection of Signatures Supporting his Candidacy.

The Registered Candidates include Vladislav Davankov a Deputy Chair of the Russian Duma affiliated with the New People Caucus, Leonid Slutsky leader of the ultra-Nationalist Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) and Nikolai Kharitonov from the Communist Party. Putin, aged 71 has Opted to run as an independent Candidate rather than Representing the ruling United Russia Party. Having held Power Since 2000 and Exerting Control over all aspects of the State Putin is Widely expected to Secure Victory in the upcoming Election.

The Exclusion of Nadezhdin aged 60 from the Candidate list has Raised Eyebrows Especially Considering his Outspoken Criticism of Putin’s handling of the War in Ukraine. While not Considered a Forerunner Nadezhdin’s Critique has Garnered attention from Analysts. Despite Kremlin assertions that Nadezhdin Poses no Significant Challenge to Putin’s Candidacy, he has announced Plans to Challenge the CEC’s Decision in Russia’s Supreme Court.

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The ongoing Conflict in Ukraine labeled by the Kremlin as a Special Military Operation, has entered its Second Year, Resulting in thousands of Casualties and Displacing Millions of Ukrainians. The War has wrought Devastation on Numerous Cities and Villages with no immediate Resolution in Sight.

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The Upcoming Presidential Election is Anticipated to further Solidify Putin’s Grip on Power reaffirming his Dominance Over Russian Politics for the Foreseeable future. While the inclusion of allies and the Exclusion of Critical Voices from the Candidate list may Raise Questions about the Election’s Fairness Putin’s overwhelming Popularity and Control over State institutions Suggest a Predictable Outcome in Favour of the incumbent President.

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