Pakistan Condemns Terrorist Attack on UAE and Bahrain Soldiers in Somalia

pakistan condemns terrorist attack on uae and bahrain soldiers in somalia

pakistan condemns terrorist attack on uae and bahrain soldiers in somalia

Pakistan Vehemently Condemns the despicable terrorist assault Targeting UAE Military trainers and Somali Soldiers undergoing training at a Military Base in Mogadishu. In a Statement issued by the Foreign Office Pakistan Expressed Profound Condolences to the Governments People of the UAE and Bahrain, and the Families of the Victims Affected by this Tragic incident. We Extend our Prayers for the Swift Recovery of all those injured.

Pakistan Reiterates its firm Stance against Terrorism in all its forms and Manifestations and Stands Resolutely with the Government of Somalia in its efforts to Combat Terrorism. This Condemnable attack Serves as a Stark Reminder of the Persistent threat posed by Terrorism and Underscores the Necessity for Collective action to Eradicate this Scourge.

The attack Resulted in the loss of three Members of the UAE Armed Forces and one Bahraini Officer, Highlighting the Grave toll Terrorism exacts on innocent lives and international Peace efforts. Such Cowardly acts of Violence not only Undermine Stability and Security but also Threaten the Progress and Prosperity of Nations Striving for Peace and Development.

As a Responsible Member of the international Community Pakistan remains Committed to Supporting Global Efforts to Combat Terrorism and Extremism. We Stand United with our Regional and international Partners in the Fight against this Common Enemy Advocating for Coordinated and Concerted action to Root out Terrorism and Uphold Peace and Stability Worldwide.

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In the Wake of this Tragic incident Pakistan Reaffirms its Solidarity with the UAE, Bahrain and Somalia Standing Shoulder to Shoulder with them in their Resolve to Confront and Defeat Terrorism. Together we must Work tirelessly to Confront the forces of Extremism and intolerance Promoting a World where Peace, Harmony and mutual Respect Prevail.

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In Conclusion, Pakistan’s Condemnation of the Terrorist attack in Mogadishu Underscores its Unwavering Commitment to Combating Terrorism and Promoting Global Peace. Standing in Solidarity with the UAE, Bahrain and Somalia, Pakistan Reaffirms the importance of international Cooperation in addressing the Persistent Threat of Terrorism. Together Nations must Continue to Work Collectively to Eradicate this Menace and Ensure a Safer and more Secure World for all.

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