US Strongly Condemns Attack on PTI Rally in Balochistan’s Sibi: Security Concerns Mount Ahead of General Elections

us strongly condemns attack on pti rally in balochistan's sibi security concerns mount ahead of general elections

us strongly condemns attack on pti rally in balochistan’s sibi security concerns mount ahead of general elections

The United States has Strongly Condemned the recent attack on a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Election rally in Balochistan’s Sibi. In Response to the incident at Jinnah Road Sibi, Matthew Miller, the US Spokesperson expressed deep Condolences to those affected by the Blast Emphasising the Resilience and Well-being of the injured individuals.

Highlighting that this attack is Part of a Series Targeting Various Political Groups over the Past Month, Miller Noted the impact on the Election Commission in Pakistan (ECP). He Reiterated the US Government’s staunch Opposition to any form of Violence that Undermines the Electoral Process in Pakistan, Emphasizing the Right of the People to choose their Leaders without fear and intimidation.

While expressing Concern over the Security Situation the Spokesperson acknowledged Pakistan’s efforts to Counter the threat of Terrorism. The US remains Committed to Supporting Pakistan in its Counterterrorism Endeavours and maintaining Stability in the Region.

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Addressing Reports about the sale of $3 Billion worth of Drones to India, Miller Clarified that the US Congress Plays a Crucial role in Arms transfers, Conducting Consultations with Congressional Committees before any formal announcements. Although he affirmed the Legal and transparent Nature of such arms Sales, Miller Refrained from Providing a Specific timeline for Official Confirmation.

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The attack in Sibi on January 30 Resulted in four Fatalities and five injuries. The explosive Material, Planted in a Motorcycle, caused the Blast during a PTI rally in Connection with the Upcoming General Elections in 2024. As the February 8 Elections Draw near the incident underscores the Challenges Surrounding Political Events in the Region and the importance of Maintaining Security during the Electoral Process.

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