Quetta ATC Grants Bail to PTI Activist Khadija Shah

quetta atc grants bail to pti activist khadija shah

quetta atc grants bail to pti activist khadija shah

Khadija Shah a Prominent Fashion Designer and PTI Activist has been Granted Bail by an Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in Quetta after Completing a 14-day Physical Remand. The ATC judge ordered her Release, Citing a Lack of Sufficient Evidence in the Case. Khadija Shah had earlier been Transferred from Lahore to Quetta and her transit remand was approved by the Lahore ATC.

In the Past Month a PTI Supporter Challenged her 30-day Detention under the Maintenance of Public Order (MPO) Ordinance initiated by the Lahore administration. This Decision followed an ATC’s approval of Post-arrest bail for Shah in the final case related to the May 9 Riots.

The Lahore administration had issued a 30-day detention order for Khadija Shah under the MPO Ordinance which was Challenged by a PTI Supporter. The Order was based on Recommendations from SP Cantt Division Lahore and the District intelligence Branch, Citing Concerns about Public Order. However the Quetta ATC judge, upon Hearing the Case, Found the evidence insufficient and Subsequently Ordered her Release.

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Khadija Shah known for her Dual Role as a Fashion Designer and a vocal PTI activist has been an active Participant in Political activities. She is the Daughter of Dr. Salman Shah a former finance Minister. The Lahore Administration’s Decision to detain her was Part of the Broader Response to the May 9 Riots and the Subsequent legal Proceedings have now led to her Release on Bail.

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The Case has drawn attention due to the Combination of Political involvement and Legal Actions, Highlighting the Complex intersection of Politics and law in the Country.

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