Pakistan Imposes New Year Celebration Ban in Solidarity with Palestinians

pakistan imposes new year celebration ban in solidarity with palestinians

pakistan imposes new year celebration ban in solidarity with palestinians

In a Decisive move The Government of Pakistan, led by Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, has taken a firm stance in solidarity with the Oppressed Palestinians by imposing a Complete ban on all New Year Celebrations. The Ban is a Poignant expression of Support for the Palestinian Cause Particularly in the wake of the distressing Situation in Gaza and the West Bank.

Caretaker PM Kakar, in a special televised message, urged the Pakistani Populace to Observe Simplicity at the onset of the New Year and to stand in Solidarity with the Palestinian People who have been enduring a Wave of Violence and Oppression. He Highlighted the Profound Sorrow felt by the entire Pakistani Nation and the Muslim Ummah over the Ongoing atrocities Committed against innocent Palestinians including a Significant number of Children.

The Prime minister brought attention to the alarming Statistics Noting that since October 7, 2023 more than 21,000 innocent Palestinians including around 9,000 Children have Tragically Lost their lives due to the Brutal actions of Israeli forces. He Emphasized that Pakistan has Consistently Raised its Voice on Global Platforms to Condemn these Atrocities and will Continue to advocate for the Rights of the Palestinian People.

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To Provide tangible Support the Government of Pakistan has already Dispatched two consignments of Relief goods to assist the Palestinian Population with a third Consignment underway. Additionally PM Kakar revealed that Pakistan is in close Coordination with Egypt and Jordan to facilitate the timely Relief and Evacuation of the injured from Gaza for necessary Medical treatment.

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As the Ban on New Year Celebrations aligns with the Nation’s Commitment to expressing Solidarity with the Oppressed the Prime minister Concluded with a Heartfelt Prayer. He expressed hope that the dawn of the New Year would Usher in an era of Peace, Prosperity and Harmony not only for Pakistan but for the Entire World. The Decision Reflects Pakistan’s unwavering Support for Justice, Peace and the well-being of the Global Community.

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