Pakistan Calls on UNHRC to Address Rights Abuses in Palestine and Kashmir

pakistan calls on unhrc to address rights abuses in palestine and kashmir

pakistan calls on unhrc to address rights abuses in palestine and kashmir

Pakistan has Urged the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to take action against Grave Human Rights Violations in Regions under Foreign occupation and intervention, emphasizing the dire Situations in Gaza, occupied Palestine, and Jammu and Kashmir.

Ambassador Munir Akram addressed the UN General Assembly Highlighting the need for a Comprehensive and impartial Promotion of Human Rights. He Stressed the importance of avoiding bias and double standards in the approach of the 47-member Council.

In a debate on the annual Report of the President of the Geneva-based Human Rights Council the Pakistani envoy Emphasized that the Council must address the widespread Human Rights violations occurring in situations of foreign Occupation and intervention.

He Drew attention to the Heart-wrenching Suffering in Gaza and Occupied Palestine where the occupying Power, Israel, has enjoyed impunity for more than Five Decades. Ambassador Akram also noted that Significant Violations in occupied Jammu and Kashmir are well-documented.

In both cases the occupying powers, Israel and India, have tried to suppress legitimate national liberation movements under the pretext of countering terrorism.

Ambassador Akram highlighted the recent conflict in the Middle East, illustrating the danger of allowing foreign occupation to persist.

Furthermore he Called for a more Robust effort to Counter the Rise of Racial hatred Religious Supremacy and extreme Nationalism in some Parts of the World. He Cited Islamophobia as a major Concern, emphasizing that Discrimination and attacks against Muslims the Burning of the Holy Quran Blasphemous Caricatures, and vandalization of Islamic symbols and holy Sites should not be tolerated under the Guise of freedom of expression.

In Pakistan’s eastern neighbor, India, Ambassador Akram warned of the danger of Muslim genocide due to rising Islamophobia, calling for the Council’s intervention.

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He criticized the Human Rights Council for its selectivity and double standards, noting that special mechanisms have been created to address human rights violations only in developing countries, while developed countries evade scrutiny.

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The Ambassador stressed that the Council’s priority should be to promote equitable development and address crises related to food, fuel, and finance in developing countries, reforming the unequal financial, trade, and technology regime. He also emphasized the importance of adopting the international covenant of the right to development to promote economic and social rights.

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