Israel-Hamas conflict: Death toll reaches 1,800, food and medicine denied in Gaza

israel hamas conflict death toll reaches 1,800, food and medicine denied in gaza

israel hamas conflict death toll reaches 1,800, food and medicine denied in gaza

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has reached a critical milestone as the death toll continues to rise, with around 600 Israelis and 1,500 Palestinians dead. The situation has escalated into a serious humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, exacerbated by Israel’s refusal to allow the entry of food and medical supplies. More than 200,000 Palestinians have been displaced by the ongoing airstrikes and the situation in the region remains dire. Israel is demolishing Palestinian homes, demolishing their holy sites and trying to illegally occupy the Palestinian homeland. This persecution is happening continuously and no one is helping Palestine. There is great fear for the children living in Palestine and there is no security for their people.

Israel’s oppression of Palestine is increasing day by day.

American President Joe Biden supported Israel and said that he will support Israel in every way.

Hamas fired rockets to protect Gaza. Israeli officials have reported finding several bodies of Hamas fighters in their territory as airstrikes continue.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has denied direct Iranian involvement in the conflict, despite his support for Hamas. This ongoing conflict has exacerbated tensions in the Middle East.

Gaza’s hospitals are in dire need of aid, as Hamas attacks and Israeli attacks have reduced their capacity. Humanitarian organizations are calling for a humanitarian corridor to ensure the entry of critical medical supplies into Gaza. Israel’s declaration of a “total blockade” on Gaza, including an embargo on food and fuel supplies, has raised concerns about potential violations of international law. Women, children and all the innocent people of Gaza are afraid of this situation.

Global implications of the conflict include fears of tight supplies due to rising oil prices. Diplomatic efforts to end the conflict face significant challenges, with various countries and organizations reassessing their aid and support to the Palestinians in light of the situation.

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In response to the blockade, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Turk, stressed the need to respect the dignity and lives of civilians and urged all parties to de-escalate the situation. He stressed that the blockade imposed on Gaza must comply with international humanitarian law to avoid endangering the lives of civilians.

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As the situation unfolds, the world is watching with growing concern, hoping for a quick resolution to the Israeli-Hamas conflict to prevent further loss of life and suffering on both sides.

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