Pakistan Approves Purchase Of 6.2mn Mosquito Nets From India Amid Rising Malaria Cases

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has approved the procurement of 6.2 million mosquito nets from India amid the rising number of Malaria cases in the country. 

Malaria cases increased rapidly in Pakistan following the deadly flooding that claimed more than 1,600 lives last month. Pakistan’s government gave a nod to the nation’s health ministry to purchase mosquito nets from India in an effort to safeguard Pakistan’s citizens from vector-borne diseases.

According to The News International, Pakistani health experts have said

Malaria is spreading at a rapid pace in 32 flood-affected districts of the country. Reportedly, thousands of children are infected with mosquito-borne diseases amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis. 

According to Pakistani authorities, the health ministry of Pakistan took permission to purchase mosquito nets from India last month because of the emergence of malaria in flood-affected districts of the country. 

Reportedly, the health ministry said, “The Global Fund will provide financial resources to the World Health Organization (WHO) to procure mosquito nets from India for flood victims in Pakistan.”

According to WHO, around 32 districts in flood-devastated Pakistan will have 2.7 million cases of malaria, a disease caused by a parasite and transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes, by January 2023. The WHO declared the floods in Pakistan a Grade 3 Emergency and expressed concern about diseases that affected the flood victims. 

According to Pakistani officials

cholera, measles, and dengue are some of the other illnesses affecting the people of the country. The federal government also urged regional authorities to enhance their efforts in order to deal with the ongoing crisis. 

The WHO chief also urged Pakistani authorities to reduce the danger of sickness from contaminated water. WHO Director-General, Tedros Ghebreyesus, urged the authorities to ensure safer housing and bed nets to fend off mosquitoes. 

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