No VIP Hajj Facilities for any Parliamentarian

No VIP Hajj Facilities for any Parliamentarian

Minister of Religious Affairs of Pakistan, Senator Talha Mehmood announced that, No special VIP facilities will be given to any parliamentarian or political leader for Hajj 2023.

While answering a question by a member of Parliament during National Assembly session, Talha Mehmood said that, “The facilities that will be provided to the common Hujjaj will also be provided to the MPs”.

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He added that, “I have clearly said that no one will perform Hajj for free, neither minister nor parliamentarians under the VIP protocol, everyone will stay in tents or similar hotels with ordinary pilgrims”.

Talha Mehmood clearly told all the employees of Ministry involved in Hajj operations that he would recommend cutting off the hands of anyone caught stealing in Saudi Arabia.

Charges on Zamzam Water

Talha Mehmood also talked about charges on Zamzam water, the water is believed to be blessed Holy water and it was free before but government of Saudi Arabia is charging money for its packaging.

In 2019, the buildings were costly for 2600 riyals now they are charging 1900 to 2300 riyals. Earlier the official Hajj quota was 60% and private Hajj quota was 40% now government made changes and official Hajj quota is now 50%.

A total of 72,800 application were received for Hajj under government scheme, all of them are accepted and applicants are being sent for Hajj, the Religious Minister added.

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He informed that lower house of parliament surrender quota of 8000. “If we don’t surrender, we will have to pay for accommodation, food, transport and other expenses of 8000 pilgrims”.

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