Maldives Urges India to Withdraw Troops by March Amid Deepening Row

maldives urges india to withdraw troops by march amid deepening row

maldives urges india to withdraw troops by march amid deepening row

In a development that could escalate tensions between India and the Maldives, President Mohamed Muizzu has called for the Withdrawal of nearly 100 Indian Troops by March 15. The Announcement follows the President’s recent trip to China where he Signed Various agreements indicating the Maldives’ Shift toward China as its largest External Creditor.

The March 15 Deadline was Communicated during talks between Maldivian and Indian officials on Sunday and it aligns with President Muizzu’s Long Standing Election Promise to Evict Indian Forces. While New Delhi Perceives the Maldives as within its Sphere of influence, Muizzu asserts the Country’s status as an independent Nation and emphasizes Territorial integrity.

India currently deploys about 89 Personnel including medical staff to Operate three aircraft for Patrolling the Maldives’ vast Maritime territory. The Maldivian president’s call for withdrawal is under consideration, according to Abdulla Nazim Ibrahim, Muizzu’s Public Policy Secretary.

New Delhi’s Foreign Ministry stated that Diplomats are Exploring a Mutually Workable Solution to Allow Continued Indian Air Operations, Particularly for Humanitarian and Medical evacuation Services. Further talks are Expected although a Specific date was not Provided.

President Muizzu who came to Power with a Pledge to Cultivate Strong ties with China emphasized the Maldives Determination not to be Bullied. The trip to China Resulted in agreements Covering infrastructure, Medical care, Healthcare, livelihood improvement, New energy Sources, agriculture and marine Environmental Protection.

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Tensions between India and the Maldives Heightened following Derogatory Social media Posts by junior ministers against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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The President’s recent Statements Suggest a Broader Strategy, including Diminishing Reliance on India for Healthcare and Medicine by Seeking alternatives in the United Arab Emirates and Diversifying Pharmaceutical imports from the United States and European Nations.As Geopolitical Dynamics Evolve in the Indian Ocean region the Maldives‘ Diplomatic Maneuvers and its Quest for Greater Autonomy could have lasting implications for Regional Relationships.

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