Leaked Clip ‘Implicates’ Imran Khan In Cipher Conspiracy

A new audio tape depicting the former prime minister Imran Khan and his much-heralded “threat cypher” surfaced on Wednesday, just days after other audio leaks featuring the current prime leader were made public. 

Cipher Controversy

The audio tape showed a discussion between Imran Khan and his senior secretary at the time, Azam Khan, regarding the cypher that Asad Majeed, the then-envoy to the US, had supplied and that Imran Khan had exploited to promote his theory of a global conspiracy. 

The former prime minister is heard instructing Azam Khan to “play up” the cypher and portray it as a foreign attempt to overthrow his administration in the video. He does, however, clarify that no specific nation needs to be mentioned. “All we have to do is play it up. America need not be named. We merely need to pretend that this date [for the no-trust vote] was already chosen.” 

“I was considering, Sir, that we ought to have a conference to discuss the cypher issue. If you recall, the ambassador suggested that we send a demarche at the end of the letter. How can we handle this if you still don’t want to issue a demarche? I gave it some thought last night.”

The clip contains what appears to be Azam Khan’s voice. 

In addition, he requests that Imran Khan organise a “meeting of the then foreign secretary and Shah Mahmood Qureshi wherein we will ask Shah Mahmood Qureshi to read aloud the letter. In order to record what he says for [meeting] minutes, I will type it down and note that “the foreign minister and the foreign secretary mentioned this.” 

The former prime minister was further reassured by Azam Khan that he could “twist minutes according to their needs.” “We’ll claim that the letter’s language constitutes a threat, and the minutes of the meeting are in my possession because we can draught them as we choose.”

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