Iran Deports 200,000 Illegal Afghan Immigrants

iran deports 200,000 illegal afghan immigrants

iran deports 200,000 illegal afghan immigrants

Iran’s Interior Minister, Ahmad Vahidi, has said that it’s important to send away Afghan people who are living in Iran without permission. He said that it’s necessary to keep an eye on the activities of Afghan immigrants in Iran. According to the minister, Iran has already sent back 200,000 Afghan people who didn’t have the right documents to stay in Iran. Sadly, some of them came back to Iran illegally.

The Iranian Minister of Interior Affairs wants to make it clear that sending away these illegal immigrants doesn’t mean that Iran is against Afghan people. He is just worried about the problems caused by people coming to Iran without permission.

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The minister is upset with the government in Afghanistan because they are not doing enough to stop people from leaving their country and going to Iran. He says, “The illegal immigrants must leave the country. We need a better system to deal with those who keep coming back to Iran after we send them back to Afghanistan.

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In June 2022, another important Iranian official estimated that there were about 4.5 million Afghan people in Iran, both those who had the right papers to be there and those who didn’t. The situation became worse when the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in 2021. Many Afghans fled to Iran because it shares a long border with Afghanistan.

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