Pakistan Begins Operation to Remove Illegal Afghan

pakistan begins operation to remove illegal afghan

pakistan begins operation to remove illegal afghan

For nearly two months, Islamabad has been actively conducting operations to address the issue of illegal Afghan residents within its borders. According to a police spokesperson, 1,126 individuals have undergone scrutiny in various processes. Of these, 623 individuals were released upon presenting valid identification documents, while 503 were detained for lacking the necessary documentation.

Legal Proceedings Under Section 14 of the Foreigners Act:

The 503 individuals without proper documentation are now subject to legal proceedings under Section 14 of the Foreigners Act. With a revelation of approximately 22,000 Afghan citizens residing within its territory, Islamabad awaits the impending crackdown after the federal government’s October 31 deadline to identify and address illegal residents.

Pakistan will Repatriate 350 Afghans from 20 Families:

Upon fulfilling legal requirements, 20 families, totaling 350 individuals, will be permitted to return to Afghanistan. In a related development, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) acted on federal government orders to dismantle an illegal Afghan settlement near Margalla Town in Islamabad.

K-P Province’s Action Plan for Afghan Eviction:

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) is set to convene a crucial meeting next week to formulate a comprehensive action plan for the eviction of illegal Afghan residents within the province. The K-P Commissionerate for Afghan refugees reported that the region currently hosts one million registered Afghan citizens, with an additional 750,000 Afghans believed to have entered Pakistan unlawfully, including over 300,000 since the Taliban government’s rise to power. This year alone, K-P identified 3,911 Afghans involved in various criminal activities.

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Pakistan Bans Afghan Transit Trade Items:

To curb smuggling, Pakistan’s commerce ministry has banned several items imported under the guise of Afghan transit trade. The negative list now includes 59 tariff lines of home appliances, 17 tariff lines of fabrics, 14 makeup items, 12 types of dry fruits, tires, and vacuum flasks. Officials have addressed the misuse of Afghan transit trade for smuggling activities.

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October 31 Deadline for Illegal Foreigners to Depart:

The interior ministry sternly warned illegal foreigners in Pakistan, mandating their departure by October 31. Failure to comply with this deadline will result in legal action initiated by Pakistani authorities.

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