Hajj 2024 Pakistan Cost and Scheme Details Revealed

hajj 2024 pakistan cost and scheme details revealed

hajj 2024 pakistan cost and scheme details revealed

The Hajj Pilgrimage for 2024 in Pakistan will cost around Rs1.1 million per pilgrim under the Government’s plan. This amount includes accommodations for individuals or Families. The final Costs will be specified in the Hajj Policy 2024 which is awaiting approval from the Federal cabinet.

In this plan Pakistan is allocated a total of 179,201 Spots for Hajj pilgrims. Half of these spots are under the Government’s arrangement, and the other half is available through Private schemes. Pakistani Pilgrims will have the opportunity to Perform Hajj over an extended period Spanning 20 to 25 days.

The Government also intends to Continue the Sponsorship scheme for Hajj 2024. Which helps people manage their expenses by allowing Payments in installments. To take Advantage of this scheme you must hold a Pakistani Passport. Approximately 10,000 people can benefit from this program and there will be no need for a Ballot or Lottery.

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The Saudi Arabian Government is working to enhance Facilities and services for Pakistani pilgrims during Hajj 2024.

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This includes better accommodations, Meals and Transportation, aiming to Provide a more Comfortable and Convenient Experience for the Pilgrims.

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