Hadiqa Kayani charity campaign for flood victims

Hadiqa Kayani charity campaign for flood victims

Last week, Hadiqa Kayani took it to her Instagram page, “Waseela e Raah” and announced the completion of 100 houses in Balochistan for flood victims. With a picture of newly built houses she captioned, “So Grateful that with the help of people who trusted the campaign Vaseela e Raah, we were able to construct 100 houses in Tamboo Tehsil, Balochistan”.

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Hadiqa Kayani’s charity drive also completed the construction of a mosque in same town for flood residents to pray in. She shared the images of mosque with caption, “Alhumdulilah I have just received the images of our first completed mosque in Balochistan”.

Adding this Hadiqa Kayani also shared the urgent matters for her all fans asking for a solution to clean water. She said that we have difficulty in finding clean water resource here in flood affected areas, the region has almost non clean water resource.

Clean water shortage

She mentioned that, our team is trying to provide water tanks but permanent solution should be implemented for this problem. She asked fans to locate people who would implement water filtration plants in Balochistan. We need this matter resolved, she ended.

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Earlier, The great actress took it to twitter and shared her plans of building a primary school, grocery store and a maternity home for helping the flood victims who are unable to reach basic facilities.

She wrote, “Grateful to share the progress, Insha Allah we will not only complete our goal of 200 homes but we will also have a Vaseela e Raah primary school, grocery store and maternity center all because of your help and donations”.

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