Govt allows school opening with full occupancy from Monday

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With over 87 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine being administered, on Wednesday the National Com­mand and Operation Centre (NCOC) decided to initiate a door-to-door campaign for unvaccinated people to convince them to get themselves jabbed.

The main target will be the districts that are lagging behind others in terms of the percentage of the vaccinated population.

On Thursday, the national positivity rate stooped to 2.6 per cent with the lowest number of Covid-19 cases being reported during the last three months.

The NCOC, in a statement, said it had devised a comprehensive strategy with the help of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and district administrations to target areas that were lagging behind others in terms of vaccination.

Meanwhile, the NCOC head – Asad Umar – announced, on Thursday, that all educational institutions would begin with normal classes from October 11 onwards.

The resumption of normal classes would be definitely welcomed for educational institutes as they have been at 50% attendance in the country, courtesy of the rising number of coronavirus cases.

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The NCOC based its decision on reduced Covid-19 levels across the country and the start of the ‘school vaccination program’, Umar announced on Twitter.

The NCOC chief had said last month that Pakistan’s nerve centre in the combat against COVID-19 had decided to decrease the age limit for Covid-19 vaccination to 12 years.

In the same statement, the minister had also said that the government would initiate special drives in schools to simplify it for children to get vaccinated.

The data of the NCOC says that above 62 million people have been partially vaccinated while over 31m people have been completely vaccinated. A number of people, however, were vaccinated out of Pakistan and registered in the country – cases of former PM Nawaz Sharif and his late wife Kulsoom Nawaz are prime examples in this regard.

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