Giant 190-Kilogram Marlin Fish Sets Record Near Karachi Coast

giant 190 kilogram marlin fish

giant 190 kilogram marlin fish

In an extraordinary feat, Khalid, a senior angler and member of the Pakistan Boat Rally, achieved a Remarkable catch off the Karachi coast. He reeled in a colossal 190-kilogram Marlin fish near the Continental Shelf, setting a new record for angling in Pakistan.

Ahmed Mamoor Amimi, the President of the Pakistan Boat Rally and Fishing Association, extended warm congratulations to Mr. Khalid for this remarkable achievement. The catch was made near a location known locally as Khadda, situated at the Continental Shelf, where tectonic plates from the region converge. It was no easy task, as it took Khalid an impressive four hours to successfully land this massive Marlin fish on his boat.

This outstanding achievement now stands as the top record for angling fish in Pakistan. It is a testament to the abundant marine life and the incredible opportunities that the Pakistani waters offer to fishing enthusiasts.

During their expedition, other team members, Mr. Abdullah and Mr. Afzal, also had a unique encounter with nature. They Spotted two Whales in the vicinity of Karamat which is approximately 80 kilometers off the Coast of Karachi in the deep Sea.

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Pakistan’s Coastal Waters are a treasure trove of Marine life and natural Beauty. Last year the Pakistan Boat Rally Spotted around 1000 Dolphins Swimming alongside their Boats a testament to the Rich Marine Biodiversity in the Region.

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The Pakistan Boat Rally and Fishing Association sees immense Potential in these activities, not only as Recreational pursuits but as a means to promote Sustainable sea tourism. Properly harnessed, these natural Wonders can Provide livelihood opportunities for the people of Pakistan, while offering tourists a chance to witness the Breathtaking marine diversity that this coastal region has to offer.

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