Former Indian Diplomat Reveals Uncertainty Over Balakot Strike Success

former indian diplomat reveals uncertainty over balakot strike success

former indian diplomat reveals uncertainty over balakot strike success

In a Noteworthy Disclosure Ajay Bisaria the former Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan, has Openly admitted to the lack of Concrete evidence Supporting the Success of the 2019 Balakot Strikes. During an interview with The Wire to mark the Release of his Book “Anger Management: The Troubled Diplomatic Relationship between India and Pakistan, Bisaria Conceded that India Relies on Narratives for the Balakot strikes and the true Extent of its Success might Remain Unknown.

This marks the first instance where a Senior Indian Diplomat who Served as the Indian high Commissioner in Islamabad during the Balakot Strikes has Publicly acknowledged the absence of Definitive Proof Regarding the Targets Claimed to be Struck by the Indian Air Force.

The Balakot Airstrikes unfolded on February 26, 2019 following a terror attack in Pulwama. Pakistan Responded with airstrikes in Indian-held Territory leading to a Dogfight Resulting in the Pakistan Air Force Shooting down two Indian jets and Capturing Indian Pilot Abhinandan Varthaman.

Bisaria’s admission Raises Questions about the Credibility of India’s assertions Regarding the Success of the Balakot Strikes. The absence of tangible Evidence challenges the Narrative Presented by the Indian Government which had Boasted about Eliminating a Significant number of Terrorists in the Operation.

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The interview with Bisaria also Explores Pakistan’s Response to Balakot the Downing of Abhinandan’s MiG-21 and the Rationale behind Pakistan’s Decision to Release him within a Short Period. It sheds light on the Perceived Panic on both sides during the Tense Moments following the Airstrikes.

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As Bisaria’s acknowledgment Surfaces it Underscores the intricacies Surrounding the Events of Balakot and the Difficulties in Unraveling the Complete Truth Particularly under the Current BJP Government led by Prime Minister Modi. The Revelation Could have Repercussions on the Broader Narrative Surrounding the Balakot Strikes and their aftermath.

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