Pakistan’s Ongoing Support for ‘Isolated’ Iran Faces Airspace Violation Concerns

pakistan's ongoing support for 'isolated' iran faces airspace violation concerns

pakistan’s ongoing support for ‘isolated’ iran faces airspace violation concerns

In a recent Development, former Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar Expressed apprehension Over Iran’s infringement on Islamabad’s Airspace. Khar, Speaking on News 11th Hour’ Programme underscored Pakistan’s enduring Backing of Iran, a nation she perceives as facing Global isolation.

The violation of Islamabad’s airspace by Iran according to Khar is tantamount to an Assault on Pakistan’s Sovereignty. She Stressed Pakistan’s Historical Commitment to Supporting Iran on the Global Stage. Regrettably Khar observed that despite this Support, Tehran has Compromised National interests for the Sake of its Regime.

She Asserted that Iran’s Regime Responding to internal Events took Drastic Measures including military actions in Iraq and Syria to Appease its Populace. Khar expressed Disappointment that given these Circumstances Escalating tensions with Islamabad were not in Tehran’s best interest.
The Former Foreign Minister Cautioned that Pakistan’s Response to the Airspace Violation would Present a formidable challenge for Iran. She acknowledged Islamabad’s Own Set of Responsibilities and Highlighted the Patience and Forbearance exercised in Dealing with the Situation.

These Remarks followed a late-Night Statement by the Pakistani Foreign Office (FO) Condemning Strikes on Pakistani Territory that led to the tragic Deaths of two Children and injuries to three Girls. The FO decried the incident as a Violation of Pakistan’s Sovereignty.

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In Response Iran’s state-run Nour News agency Claimed the Attack Targeted the Pakistan Headquarters of Jaish al-Adl, a Militant Group.

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In light of this incident Pakistan opted to Recall its Ambassador from Iran and Suspend all high-level Visits between the two Countries. The Escalating Situation Raises Concerns about the Stability of the Historically Supportive Relationship between Pakistan and Iran with Potential Geopolitical Ramifications for the Region.

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