First Saudi Astronaut towards Space

First Saudi Astronaut towards Space

A SpaceX capsule carrying two Saudi Astronauts docked with the International Space Station as part of private mission chartered by Axiom Space.

Rayyanah Barwani is the first scientist woman to go into Space and Ali Al-Qarni a trained fighter pilot is the first from their country to go to the orbital outpost.

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The Mission Commander Peggy Whitspn said, ‘It was a lovely ride’, he is a former Nasa Astronaut who made the voyage three times in the past saying, “A softest docking I have ever felt”.

The two hours after docking, the capsule opened to allow the four to enter the ISS, where they joined the seven astronauts already on board. The three of them were Russians, three Americans and an Emirati.

Mission Named Ax-2

The mission to space was named Ax-2, second fully private mission to visit the space station. The members of Ax-2 will stay for about ten days and carry out 20 total experiments in Space.

The overall mission is second foray into Space the first one was in 1985 when Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, an airforce pilot took part on US-organised space voyage.

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The Ax-2 launch in Riyadh members shared their experiences saying, “I reflect on my experience in space many years ago, and I am happy that Saudi Arabia has returned to space once again”.

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