Fighter”: Bollywood Film with Anti-Pakistan Theme Declared a Flop

fighter bollywood film with anti pakistan theme declared a flop

fighter bollywood film with anti pakistan theme declared a flop

In a Surprising turn of Events the much-Anticipated Bollywood film ‘Fighter’ faced a Significant Setback as its Box Office numbers took a Nosedive on Monday, Casting a shadow on its overall Performance.

Directed by Siddharth Anand, who Previously enjoyed Success with ‘Pathaan, ‘Fighter’ ventured into the Realm of Indian Air Force Narratives with an Explicit anti-Pakistan Storyline. Starring Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone and Anil Kapoor the film hit Screens on January 25, Generating initial Excitement among Audiences.

According to a report by India’s Showbiz News Agency Men’s XP, ‘Fighter’ made an impressive Start with an Opening day Collection of INR 24 crore. The Momentum Continued with a Substantial increase to INR 41.20 Crores on the Following Day. However the Narrative Shifted Dramatically on Monday with the film Earning only INR 7-8 Crores. This Marks a Staggering 70% Decrease from the Opening day’s Collection and an 82% Decline from the Second day’s Earnings.

The Domestic Box Office Collection Currently stands at approximately INR 130 Crore, while the Worldwide Earnings reach around INR 215 Crore. Despite these figures, ‘Fighter’ faces an Uphill battle to Surpass the INR 200 Crore mark Domestically and even if it does, it may not offset its Reported Production Budget of INR 250 Crore.

The film’s Disappointing Performance Suggests that ‘Fighter’ could be Hrithik Roshan’s Second Consecutive flop after the Underwhelming Response to ‘Vikram Vedha’. Additionally it marks the End of Deepika Padukone’s Successful Streak at the Box Office adding an Unexpected Twist to the fate of this Highly-Anticipated Bollywood Production.

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In addition to its box Office Struggles, ‘Fighter’ is Grappling with Substantial Backlash from Audiences and Critics alike. The film’s Explicit Anti-Pakistan Narrative has drawn Criticism for Perpetuating Divisive Sentiments and Stirring Controversy. Social media Platforms are abuzz with discussions on the Movie’s Portrayal of Sensitive Geopolitical themes with many Expressing Disappointment over the Perceived lack of Nuance and Sensitivity.

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The Backlash has not only impacted the film’s Financial Performance but has also Sparked Debates on the Responsibility of Filmmakers when Dealing with Politically Charged Subjects. 

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