Zayn Malik Invited to Explore Pakistan on Tour After Urdu Song Collaboration with Aur

zayn malik invited to explore pakistan on tour after urdu song collaboration with aur

zayn malik invited to explore pakistan on tour after urdu song collaboration with aur

Zayn Malik, who is a  famous British singer, has been invited to tour Pakistan by the UK High Commissioner to Pakistan, Jane Marriott. This invitation comes after Zayn collaborated with the Pakistani band Aur for an Urdu song named “Tu Hai Kahan.”

Zayn Malik is known for his good looks and melodious voice and amazing songs in English. He has a huge fan following all over the world. ZaynMalik  decided to test his singing skills by singing a love song in Urdu.He  collaborated with a Pakistani brand.  with Aur for the remake of their popular hit has been well-received. their song hit over 95 million views on YouTube and 3.5 million views on the other video-sharing platform.

Expressing his thoughts on singing in Urdu, the 31-year-old former One Direction member mentioned in an interview with BBC that he loved the song and hoped fans would enjoy the collaboration, bringing a bit of himself to the rendition.

Aur, the Pakistani band, shared their excitement and  described  how they feel after working with Zayn. They says  it is as “a dream come true.” The collaboration has increased their audience globally. Their songs are listened to in different countries,  reaching listeners from the UK, Brazil, China, and beyond.

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This isn’t the first time Zayn has showcased his vocals in Urdu. In his 2021 album “Nobody is Listening,” he included Urdu lyrics in the track “Tightrope.” Zayn’s connection to Pakistan goes beyond music, as he has roots in the country; his father immigrated to the UK from Pakistan.

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Zayn Malik teaming up with Aur is like a cool mix of different cultures through music. It shows that music can make people from different places feel connected. Zayn got invited to tour Pakistan, which is a great chance for him to meet his fans there and learn more about his family background. It’s a really exciting opportunity for Zayn to connect with people and discover more about where he comes from.

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