Elon Musk’s Rocket Test failed

Elon Musk's Rocket Test failed

SpaceX is a space company by CEO of Twitter Elon Musk, it carried an experiment of sending a rocket in space that was designed to take astronauts in space. Rocket went into space for its first flight test but its exploded minutes after went out in space.

Starship rocket went some 20 miles up in the sky as Super Heavy Rocket combined with heavy vehicle blew. It was the only one rocket of its kind. Powerful raport engine of the roclet malfunctioned before its explosion.

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Rather than seeing this as a complete failure, company and its CEO considered it as a successful test because it makes them learn more and create best developmemt in next phase without any error.

Practice Makes Perfect

The Founder, CEO Elon Musk and Chief Engineer of the company considered this experiment as a successful attempt and way to learn more about mistakes.

Elon Musk said that, This is a classical SpaceX successful failure, NASA also congratulated the company for experiment saying, “This embracing of failure when the consequences of failure is low is best”.

The main goal of Elon Musk and company behind the attempt is to make a way for humans in Space for future. Failing a test does not mean we need to stop, we still have many attempts left.

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SpaceX developed rapidly after its start in 2002 leading to dozens of missions in space. As if it would not be a surprise if humans will stay on Mars through Starship in the next decade.

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