Carrefour Takes a Stand, No More PepsiCo Products in Four European Countries

carrefour takes a stand, no more pepsico products in four european countries

carrefour takes a stand, no more pepsico products in four european countries

Carrefour, a major supermarket chain in France, Italy, Spain, and Belgium, has decided to stop selling popular brands like Pepsi, Lay’s crisps and 7Up. This move comes as a result of what Carrefour describes as “unacceptable price increases” imposed by global food giant PepsiCo.

Carrefour stores in these European countries will no longer stock PepsiCo products, and shelves will display signs explaining the decision. Some products, like Cheetos and 7Up, were already unavailable in certain Carrefour stores on the first day of the decision.

Carrefour shoppers in Paris seemed to support the supermarket’s decision, with one customer mentioning that the rising prices made some products too expensive and avoiding these items was a viable option.

PepsiCo, the U.S company behind these popular brands, has not yet commented on Carrefour’s decision. In October, PepsiCo announced plans for “modest” price increases in response to sustained demand, leading to an upward adjustment in its 2023 profit forecast.

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This move by Carrefour is not unique, as other grocery retailers in countries like Germany and Belgium have also stopped orders from consumer goods firms due to increasing prices. Carrefour has a history of challenging big consumer product and food companies on pricing issues. Last year, the supermarket initiated a “shrinkflation” campaign, warning customers about products that have become smaller but more expensive.

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The French government, aiming to combat inflation, has encouraged retailers and suppliers to conclude annual price negotiations earlier than usual. France, distinct in its strong regulation of the retail sector, mandates supermarkets to negotiate prices only once a year with food and drink producers, aiming to protect its farming industry.

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