All Pakistanis Safe in Japan Earthquake, Confirms Ambassador

all pakistanis safe in japan earthquake, confirms ambassador

all pakistanis safe in japan earthquake, confirms ambassador

In the wake of a Powerful Earthquake with a Magnitude of 7.6 hitting Japan,Pakistan’s ambassador to Japan, Raza Bashir Tarar has assured that all Pakistanis in the affected areas are Safe. The Japanese Government issued tsunami Warnings for Ishikawa, Niigata, Toyama and their adjacent Regions after the Earthquake Struck Prompting Evacuations and Disrupting Normal Life.

Ambassador Tarar Established a Hotline for Pakistanis facing Difficulties and urged them to Follow local Administration instructions. The Pakistani Consulate in Tokyo is Closely Monitoring the Situation and the Embassy tweeted Updates emphasizing the importance of staying Safe and seeking Allah’s Protection.

The Earthquake caused Waves of around one Meter along Parts of the Sea of Japan Coast with a larger Wave expected. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida Urged Residents to Stay alert for further Possible Quakes and Evacuate areas under Tsunami warnings Promptly.

NHK Footage showed Buildings Collapsing in Suzu, Residents in Kanazawa City taking Cover under Tables and Tremors reaching Tokyo on the Opposite Coast. Over 36,000 Households lost Power in Ishikawa and Toyama prefectures and high-Speed Rail Services to Ishikawa were Suspended.

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Telecom Disruptions were Reported by Softbank and KDDI in Ishikawa and Niigata while Airlines ANA and Japan Airlines altered flight Services to affected Airports. The Nuclear Regulation Authority Confirmed no irregularities at Nuclear Power Plants along the Sea of Japan.

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This Earthquake Evokes Memories of the Devastating 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami in Northeastern Japan Emphasizing the importance of Preparedness and Swift Responses to Natural Disasters. The Pakistani Embassy’s Proactive Measures Demonstrate a Commitment to the Safety and Well-being of the Pakistani Community in Japan during Challenging times.

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