5 things that are stopping you from becoming Elon Musk

5 things that are stopping you from becoming Elon Musk

Don’t let the fear of risk stop you from becoming the next Elon Musk and achieve success in your business and life

Elon Musk is one of the richest and most successful people in the world. With a net worth of over $185bn (£136bn), the Tesla and SpaceX entrepreneur has inspired millions of people around the world. 

He shared some his success secrets in business to motivate people willing to make big in life. But even after following the right path, if you are not able to achieve success, you may be doing something wrong. These are five things that are stopping you from becoming Elon Musk: 

1.  Forgetting that it is not about the money

This is Elon Musk’s central mantra in business. For him, business is not about the money if it is done in an ethical and good manner. There was a point in time when Musk had to borrow money from his friend to cover his living expenses after he invested so much of his money into SpaceX and Tesla. Today, they are thriving business ventures popular worldwide. 

2. Stopping to pursue your passions

For Musk, business is about pursuing your dreams and progressing in life. Every hurdle his business has overcome has helped in motivating others to continue to solve obstacles in their lives. The Tesla owner has fierce work ethics aimed at fulfilling his numerous objectives. 

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“Work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 to 100 hour weeks every week. [This] improves the odds of success,” Musk said in an interview.

3. Being afraid to think big

Musk has dreams to revolutionise the car industry, build super-fast trains, colonise Mars, integrate Artificial Intelligence into human brains among other big plans. These plans did not come with the fear of losing. Musk encourages people to dream big to achieve bigger. Don’t let the fears stop you from becoming Elon Musk. 

4. Fearing risks

If you will not take risks, how will you achieve your dream? That’s what Musk has taught his fans. It is important for you to have the courage and passion to excel in the field. Things don’t work like that. Your plans may face some sorts troubles how, but it is upto you to take risk and stay positive that you can overcome those hurdles to make big in your future.  

5. Not reading enough

Musk encourages people to read as much as they can through any source of information. In an interview, he advised people to try and ingest as much information as you canon the topics they are interested in to develop knowledge in the field. Furthermore, talking to people from all walks of life, including different industries, professions, and skills will enhance your learning. 

Note that lack of diligence in following these success tips is stopping you from becoming the next Elon Musk and achieve your dream objectives. Do you know any more secrets to success, share in the comments section.

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