WhatsApp to send Pictures in HD Quality

WhatsApp to send Pictures in HD Quality

WhatsApp owned by Meta has solved the issue of low quality pictures from the app, now it is able to send impressive HD quality picture captured in detailed without any quality lost and compression option.

The feature is right now available for group of beta testers with latest version v2.23.12.13 and iOS version. The pictures will be sent in in higher clarity, preserving the details and resolution captured by their smartphone cameras.

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Image Quality & Enhancement

By introducing the update, WhatsApp is acknowledging the importance of maintaining image quality during transmission. Users now have the opportunity to convey the true beauty of their photographs without compromising on clarity.

This update aligns with the advancements nade by smartphone manufacturers like Samsung Isocell range, which have pushed the boundaries of camera sensor technology.

The recent update will also preserve image resolution alongside the crop button at the top of the screen. The original resolution of the image will also be maintained instead of downsizing it to standard quality.

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WhatsApp also has generous attachment file size limits, so even large video files can be sent uncompressed if you have a reliable wifi connection.

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