What’s Next for Taylor Swift After Her ‘The Eras Tour’ Film Success?

title what's next for taylor swift after her 'the eras tour' film success

title what’s next for taylor swift after her ‘the eras tour’ film success

Taylor Swift’s Recent Documentary Film “The Eras Tour,” got people Talking including Public Relations Experts. The Movie was Shown in Los Angeles and Taylor made a Special appearance for her chosen Audience.

Some PR pros felt that Taylor could have done more with the film. They wished she’d given us a closer look at what happens behind the scenes. PR practitioners expressed slight Disappointment with the film’s execution as Jane Owens told The Mirror that Taylor missed a huge Opportunity” by keeping the content to “solely singing.”

According to her expertise, the film only features hours-long footage from her billion dollar tour but failed to open up further on the behind the Scenes. One expert Jane Owens said that Taylor is great at business so there might be a Reason she didn’t share everything. Jane thought Taylor might be planning another Documentary this time about her Personal life or her Whole life Story.

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The Documentary was Successful but it mainly showed Taylor’s Singing and her big tour. Many fans want to see more of Taylor’s personal side her journey through life beyond just her Music Career. So they’re hoping for a more personal and in-depth documentary about her Life.

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As Taylor Swift keeps Changing and Connecting with her fans a private documentary could give People a better look into her life helping fans connect with her on a deeper level. We don’t know if she’s Planning such a Documentary, but one thing is for sure: Taylor Swift Knows how to Surprise and Connect with her fans. Everyone is eager to see what she does Next.

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