US official unable to answer reporters with a straight face on Palestine issue


The United States stand on Palestine troubles has always been something that the world eyes. A lot of things change when the US decides to interfere in the region and a lot more changes when it decides to restrict its interference.

After the new president took charge of the White House, it was assumed that the issues in the Arab world, including the Palestine issue, will be dealt with but given the response of the US state department spokesperson, it is hard to say anything for sure. As the latest incident goes by, Ned Price was addressing the media when he was grilled by them on Palestine killing on Tuesday.

It was clear with the way he was dealing with teh questions and his response that Price was uncomfortable about talking on such issues. During the recent air strike event by Israel, 20 Pakestinians were killed and that quickly escalated tensions between the two. On being asked what was America’s stand on it, Price stumbled and ended up giving a lame response.

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After the air strike, Israel did not give out a lot of details but only said that it conducted the airstrike in response to rockets fired allegedly by Hamas and other extremist organizations in Israeli territories. The department official started off by condemning the attack.

However he took note of Israel’s explanations saying, “the US recognises Israel’s legitimate right to defend itself and to defend its people and its territory.” He also added that it is essential that all the sides involved in the matter don’t rush into anything and take calls with calmness so that violent confrontations could be avoided.

Having said that, the diplomat did not talk about the people killed during the airstrike, which also included nine children. The state department official refused to comment anything on the killings and instead Washington chose to comment on the risky situation in Israel, the West bank and the Gaza strip, which also include frequent confrontations in Jerusalem. In one of the incidents, a reporter asked if the US condemns the attack and the killing of Paletinian children to which the US diplomat said, “Obviously – and these reports are just emerging. And I understand – I was just speaking to the team.”

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